Employment referencing a hassle?

Not anymore.

PlanetReference.com is an innovative, online, Employment Reference Management System designed to help organisations request, supply and manage job references.

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Employment Referencing

Simple, Online, Safe



Send a reference request directly to employers, education establishments and individuals easier than ever before.



Use the system to write references for former or current employees, send them with ease and store them ready for any future requests.



References become easier to track and manage. Add as many users as needed to your branch profile to keep staff in the loop at all times.


Chase Up

Any delayed or forgotten requests will be chased by our automatic reminder feature which can help to reduce waiting times for responses.



Strict checks are carried out on every company that registers or completes a reference request, to help authenticate users and referees.



Safety is our number one concern. Our site is SSL certified and includes a range of safety features, including a reference tracker and history overview.

It is our mission to reduce the use of fraudulent references and help to make recruitment safer, easier and more cost effective.

Who Benefits?



  • Can be used by any industry, private or public.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of reference fraud & bad hires.
  • Instant reduction in costs associated with referencing.

HR & Recruitment

  • Designed to keep H.R, recruitment staff & managers connected.
  • Faster, easier and safer referencing practices.
  • Frees up time for other important tasks.


  • Shorter waiting times for references.
  • Applicants can start their new job sooner.
  • The right people, in the right roles.

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Why Use Planet Reference?

Our management system was created to help reduce the stress that out-dated referencing systems currently put upon employers and their staff. Referencing across many different media (e.g. via email, post, telephone and fax) can get very confusing and can be difficult to manage. Never before has there been a system that centralises every aspect of referencing…until now.


Reducing Reference Fraud

Verifying employers, referees and references is getting increasingly harder and more time-consuming too. Our verification system has been implemented as a way to help reduce fraud and is unique to our registration process. Reference fraud is on the rise….but not for much longer if we have our way.

Blog & Latest News

Employment Reference Verification – just how important is it? (The answer, very!)

These days it is incredibly easy to fake a reference.  For the last few months I have delved, dived and immersed myself in the world of fake references to find out just how prevalent they are and the potential damage that they can, and have, caused.

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Pre-Employment Vetting and Social Media.

You have just held an interview and are about to make a job offer for that all important role, but first, you take a quick peep at the applicant’s social media channels.  What a great way to get to know the candidate right?  Stop. This can be a risky business.

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